Open to all Washington County, Johnson City, Carter County, and Elizabethton City High School Students (10-12th grade)

Seeking a High School Illustrator/Graphic Artist to create the images for a children's coloring book that accompany the story of the Drop Collaborative.

The Drop Collaborative Coloring Book will then be freely distributed to young children throughout the counties.


  1. Using the attached guideline* with the text for each page, High School Students choose one page and create their own illustration and submit for jury review. Deadline for submission March 31.

  2. DC (Drop Collaborative) Board of Directors picks winner who then illustrates the entire coloring book and cover (including their credits).

  3. I will be seeking sponsors for paying for printing (sponsor logo page on back inside cover). Also would like to include crayons and distribute throughout both communities in churches, supermarkets, etc. 

  4. *On the attached guideline page - please submit any suggestions for changing of wording to captions of each page.

  5. There will also be a page on the website with all the info about the contest

DC Coloring Book Contest

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