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  • Modelled after the TN Department of Education Award-Winning DC SAE Program Model*, selected participants will be taught AG and Workforce Development.

  • Program is scheduled for 2022 at DC's Elizabethton, TN site.

  • Enrollment in EGWD 2022 is open to Special Needs individuals ages 16 and up (high functioning)

  • A maximum of 5 students will be selected for the EGWD 2022 Program.

  • Classes are FREE and the garden and program is COVID19 safe/observant.



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What is the Eternity Garden (EG)?

The Drop Collaborative is partnering with KidsLikeUs as a volunteer creative consultant for the physical design and development of the new The Eternity Garden' (EG) at our home site, 500 Dry Hollow Road, Elizabethton TN. Grand opening Spring 2022.

The EG is ergonomically designed for Special Needs and Senior Citizens - our primary population and host for classes, workshops, events and respite care. We donate harvest back to the community. 

What is the Drop Collaborative (DC)?

The Drop Collaborative is a small farming incubator designed to address issues and create solutions for local communities and the people they serve. The TN Department of Education has designated the DC SAE (Supervised Agricultural Experience) Program Model* as a CTE (Career & Technical Education) Best Practice Model for the State of Tennessee. Class sizes are small (5-10) and adherence to keeping set schedules and safety standards is mandatory – designed to provide targeted instruction, maintain accountability in workforce development standards, and provide the surrounding neighbors with peace of mind by adhering to set hours, minimal foot and vehicle traffic and low noise interference.