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In 2015, the Drop Collaborative offered free usage of it's farm and structures to spearhead, create and conceive a High School Model that would incorporate:

  • teach farming

  • workforce development

  • partner with non-profits / small business

  • donate harvest

  • mentor youth

By adhering in strict compliance to these missions,

the DC High School Model was created, alongwith with curriculum co-developed by Dr. Melissa Loveless - the Drop Collaborative’s Supervised Agricultural Experience (SAE). 


  • Based on workforce trends and community needs, Drop Collaborative works with high school to determine what SAE Ag experience areas of study for the upcoming Senior class final year.

  • Students apply during Junior year. Acceptance to program is based on attendance, grade point average, AG courses and recommendations.

  • AG Teacher must have an AG degree and Work Based Training.

  • DC works closely with teachers to ensure integrity of DC missions/goals

  • DC provides Social Media/Website monthly updates and blog / track progress

  • DC engage sponsorships from local small business

  • DC establishes and manages local food bank recipients for donations of harvest




  • SAEs allow students to experience the diversity of agriculture and natural resources industries and to gain exposure to agricultural-related career pathways.  


  • DC SAE requirements incorporating Workforce Development goals: a documented formal project scope, accurate recordkeeping, and student advisor supervision.  At the onset of the SAE, each student develops their own personalized learning plan (PLP) and set five (5) specific SMART goals in order to receive credit for the course.  Individual LEAs can choose whether or not to offer credit, provided participating students demonstrate mastery of specific outlined standards.


  • DC SAE partners with local food banks to address food scarcity needs


  • Students that participate in the distribution of the food through this network can also use these community service hours to fulfill the requirements towards their Tennessee Promise community service hours for postsecondary enrollment at a community or technical college in Tennessee. 


  • Many of the students benefit from the free/reduced breakfast and lunch programs provided through federal programs, so this partnership could also benefit the students and their families directly through the outreach aspect. 


  • Development of a partnership with County Schools – Head Start and pre-K programs, to provide a field day experience.  


  • One of the primary goals is to provide children with a learning environment which will help them develop socially, intellectually, physically, and emotionally in an age appropriate manner.  


  • This “Drop by the Farm”  day experience involves the high school students providing educational lessons and interactive activities for the younger students centered on the whole farm experience.  


  • Provides high school students an opportunity to serve as mentors to the younger generation.