'Paint the Pathway'

HOW TO for Local Tri-Cities Solo Painters

White Washed Wood


Purchase a 16x16 pavers* (stepping stones) from Lowes - 

White Washed Wood


  1. Pavers should be painted with Garden and Animal-Like themes, using paint suited for outdoor usage.

  2. We recommend first giving pavers a base coat - colors will then really pop.

  3. No racist, political, nudity or hate speech. Keep G-rated.

  4. We spray with acrylic clear paint before placement.

White Washed Wood


We coordinate a dropoff location where you can bring your painted paver and we place as part of the walkway through the Enchanted Garden.

SIgn Up and Tell Us About Your Local Tri-Cities location and we will email you back with a drop-off location!


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