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  • Landowners can be individuals with private lots/land or Community Centers, Faith-Based Organizations or other Non-Profits with additional land space/lots

  • At Stoney Creek we have successfully implemented two models to date - High School and Faith-Based Recovery.

  • ​​DC is scalable to any size/type of property or participants - in urban, suburban, rural & exurban settings.

  • DC provides course curriculum and partner resources, as well as your community becoming a member of our research and development hub. 

  • We continue to explore various models to accommodate the different needs of communities. See Fall 2019

In the below brief and engaging video, Ron Roach, Ph.D., ETSU Chair of Appalachia Studies introduces the DC & the possibilities:

"The result is an award winning model."

Through the years, I’ve seen many initiatives in education come and go, but never before have I seen something as powerful as this Drop Collaborative and the impact that it is having on a small community in upper East Tennessee.  For 20 years in CTE, I have always heard about the 10 indicators of a quality program, but last year as I worked with this initiative, I actually got to witness firsthand the significance and the profound impact that some of those aspects can have on a program.  When the possibility of this partnership was presented to us a little over a year ago, I never dreamed that it could develop into what it is today, it has already far surpassed any expectations that I ever had.  I just stand back in amazement with each step forward that we take with the Drop Collaborative and realize that there are endless opportunities for our students, our school, and our community.

- Melissa Loveless, Ed.D.

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