• Pattie Meyer, Executive Director, DC

New Team Member! Victoria Hewlett, Community Organizer

It is with great pleasure that we welcome a new team member to the Drop Collaborative - Victoria Hewlett!

"My name is Victoria Hewlett. I am recent college graduate from Carter County who earned my Bachelor's degree in Ethics, Politics & Economics from Yale University in 2019 and my Associate's in Sociology & Speech Communication from Northeast State Community College in 2016.

During my undergraduate years, I was highly civically engaged and passionate about the development of healthy local and regional economies, especially through small farming and agriculture in Appalachia.

At Northeast State, I was part of a 2015 research project on the public health impact of the decline of family farms, which led to organizing a regional symposium on community gardening.

At Yale, I worked as the Community & Economic Development Student Coordinator at the Tsai Center for Innovative Thinking (CITY) where I studied and organized a speaker series on the principles of community wealth building and the solidarity economy."

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