• Victoria Grace Hewlett, Community Organizer, DC

Exciting updates from The Drop Collaborative!

We have raised the money we need to build our 15-bed garden and are gearing up to break ground on May 27th with help from our local expert, Master Gardener Ben Hunter. Last frost date was May 15th - we’re right on schedule for a successful growing season!

For those of you who will follow along from home, we will soon be providing resource documents and video tutorials to help you:

1) Build wooden raised beds that will last you for decades to come.

2) Help you avoid common pitfalls when purchasing compost and gardening materials.

3) Guide the blueprint and organize the work of building and maintaining your at-home garden.

4) Explain how to fill your raised beds with a fertile environment to grow your vegetables.

5) Demonstrate how to plant your seeds and tend to your garden as your food source grows.

6) And more!

▶︎ We are still raising money to fund administrative and additional expenses of our program. We have 4 raised beds left available to those who would like to sponsor this program. Big thanks to our newest sponsors, Detonate Surf, Hinkle Hemp and SaBella Headwear! ▶︎ We are also providing opportunities for organizations, gardening businesses and individuals to sponsor our tutorials series and be recognized on our videos. ❤️ Please contact victoria@dropcollaborative.com if you are interested in sponsoring one of our remaining beds or our video series.

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