• Pattie Meyer, Executive Director

Breaking Ground!

❤️ Good morning - hopefully the weather will cooperate as we are breaking ground today on our COVID19 Action.

We are a diverse group - different ancestry, education, interests, age, gender, and more. We have come together - even from across different Cities and States (TN, Wisconsin, NYC, Philadelphia, NJ) - to continue to create programs that help people to help themselves and solutions to the communities we serve. Imagine that - in the heart of beautiful Stoney Creek, TN.

A huge shoutout to these inspiring, innovative, kind, progressive and remarkable volunteers that are novices to raised bed gardening and sharing this experience with us all - James Hinkle, Amy Cole, Victoria Grace Hewlett​, Jordan Buchanan​ and Lisa Renee Lyons​ - and, of course, teachers Ben Hunter and Vonda Little - we are so excited to be sharing this all with you.

Educating and empowering - and tackling food scarcity. NOTHING has stopped this group or our supporters from our mission - not lack of grants, partnerships, funding, COVID19, riots. Their resolve brings hope to our present times and future.

Our first set of the instructional videos series will be available next week. You can sign up for updates on our home page - www.dropcollaborative.com

This project has been funded by grassroots efforts of fundraising and small business - the ❤️ of USA. 🌱 We will be sharing information about our sponsors in this mission, our 'sponsor series', so you learn about the people in your community, and beyond, that are deeply invested and committed to community-wealth building, education, food scarcity and mentoring youth.

▶︎ Learn more about our COVID19Action - www.dropcollaborative.com/covid19action

Be well and be safe NE TN! We venture on...

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