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A Tour of the Raised-Bed Garden Model

Join Victoria as she takes you on a tour of the model we chose for our FREE ONLINE Educational Video Series! - "Starting to Thriving, Creating Your Own Raised-Bed Garden"

Victoria Hewlett, DC Community Organizer, takes you on a video tour of Ben Hunter's Raised Bed garden in Kingsport - the model for our DC COVID19 Action Network 15-Raised Bed Garden. From

See the amazing architecture designed by Ben Hunter - to protect, maintain, and create a thriving raised-bed garden that will last many years and produce bountiful harvest, all at an economical price.

❤️A big thank you to Lowes and Superior Mulch, LLC of Blountville for their sponsorship of our COVID19 Action that provides free instructional videos from experts on raised-bed gardening. Watch and learn alongwith our on-site participants, as they learn for the first time too!

▶︎ Watch FREE Online Educational COVID19 Action Videos Series - 'From Starting to Thriving - Creating Your Own Raised-Bed Garden'

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Be well and be safe NE TN! We venture on...

This project has been funded by grassroots efforts of fundraising and small business - the ❤️ of USA.

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