Adaptability during COVID19 and an Election Year

At the start of COVID19, we had already been seeking the best way to utilize our land for the current needs of our community.

For those unfamiliar, The Drop Collaborative is a TN Dept of Education award-winning farming, education, workforce development and community wealth-building initiative. Since inception in 2015, we have used our home site to successfully implement and develop a High School and Faith-Based Recovery Model. Our programs are designed to be adaptable to any community needs and portions of land they are able to utilize to implement their own Drop Collaborative Program.

The Founder, John Drop, often referred to Victory Gardens as the basis for his idea for the Drop Collaborative. It seemed most fitting to be able to help people to help themselves by providing relevant expert advice and training on how to create a thriving Raised-Bed Garden. Thereby the birth of our next program - DC COVID19 ACTION Network.

On April 5, 2020, we launched the DC COVID19 ACTION Network, with this mission and outline.

  • 4 Newbies to Raised-Bed Farming

  • Master Gardener teaches and implements raised-bed gardening to newbies– from building garden, to crop choice, to maintenance, to harvest.

  • Entire process is filmed and edited into a free online educational library.

  • Donate portion of harvest back to the community.

  • Create a facebook group where novice to expert gardeners share resources and stories

Through weather, resource, supply chain, and medical disruptions, this is what has evolved.

On August 4, 2020, we launched, Starting to Thriving: Creating Your Own Raised-Bed Garden

(A DC COVID19 Initiative) and these are the components:

  • Master Gardener Ben Hunter is filmed with volunteers, teaching and implementing best practices for an economical, thriving and long-life raised-bed garden.

  • Lisa Lyons, avid home gardener and director of KidsLikeUs, is filmed with volunteers and those with Special Needs from KidsLikeUs community, teaching and implementing best practices for planting and adding tomato cages.

  • Entire process is filmed and edited into a free online educational library.

The power of adapting while keeping to mission.

Through the help of all our sponsors, supporters, partners, friends and volunteers, we have been able to keep to our mission and move forward.

Shortly, we will be completing the online series and we will be sharing an official 'Thank You' to all those that helped us get this far by installing the 15 “Sponsor a Raised Bed” signs, designed and hand created by local artist, Maria Venable and our main DC site sign onsite.

Targeting the needs of our communities while keeping to mission.

With an open mind and heart, while drawing on experience and the power of partnerships, the Drop Collaborative will be announcing our new initiative this week!

Stay tuned…

Small Farming. Big Solutions.


A big thank you to Lowes and Superior Mulch, LLC of Blountville for their sponsorship of our COVID19 Response that provides free instructional videos from experts on raised-bed gardening.

▶︎ Watch it here - 'Starting to Thriving - Creating Your Own Raised-Bed Garden'

You can sign up for updates on our home page -

Be well and be safe NE TN! We venture on...

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