Hello DC Friends - We've Been VERY BUSY!

▶︎ First off, DC would like to thank our hands-on participants who worked with Master Gardener, Ben Hunter, to learn, create, and then assemble our 15 raised-beds onsite.

Not only do the 15 raised-beds filled with Superior Mulch compost look great, but the captured educational video series of their hard work is invaluable to our mission. We will continue releasing segments and sharing with the public.

❤️A big thank you to Lowes and Superior Mulch, LLC of Blountville for their sponsorship of our COVID19 Action that provides free instructional videos from experts on raised-bed gardening. Watch and learn alongwith our on-site participants, as they learn for the first time too!

Lisa Lyons, founder of KidsLikeUs*, and Master Gardener will be guiding us from completing the parameters of the garden, to planting, maintaining and harvest. Lisa has an extensive background in education and gardening. Also, her work with special needs, especially those with seizure disorders, has enlightened many to the benefits of fresh food in their diet. Fulfilling one of our missions of donating harvest, a portion of all bounty harvested for this season will be donated directly to these special needs seizure population in our community.

▶︎ Watch FREE Online Educational COVID19 Action Videos Series - 'From Starting to Thriving - Creating Your Own Raised-Bed Garden'

You can sign up for updates on our home page - www.dropcollaborative.com

Be well and be safe NE TN! We venture on...

This project has been funded by grassroots efforts of fundraising and small business - the ❤️ of USA.

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