The Story Behind the Coloring Book

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Small Farming. Big Solutions.


Small Farming. Big Solutions.

The story behind this coloring book...


At the Drop Collaborative we are about small farming and big solutions.


We noticed that children love coloring books and they learn while coloring.


Meanwhile, teen suicide is on the rise. For many, visual arts is a healing therapy.


So we held a contest open to high school students, seeking best illustrator for a children’s coloring book. “The Story of the Drop Collaborative” - teaching small farming and community service.


The winning 'Best Illustrator', Maria Venable appreciates the healing power of art. After a family tragedy, her love of art helped her heal from a life-changing event.

"The Story of the Drop Collaborative"

that teaches about farming & community service.

Illustrated by the Winner

of the 4-County* High School Contest,
local artist, Maria Venable

*Washington County, Johnson City, Carter County, and Elizabethton City, TN

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