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Cultivating Success: Exciting Partnership Announcement

Drop Collaborative and Unaka High School Launch Award-Winning Fall 2024 SAE Program
Drop Collaborative Harmony Garden

The Drop Collaborative is excited to announce a partnership with Unaka High School on our homesite at Stoney Creek (Elizabethton, TN) utilizing our TN Dept of Education CTE Award-Winning High School Model.

The Drop Collaborative SAE High School Model encompasses the following 4 Mission Components:

·      Provide Land

·      Teach Farming

·      Donate Harvest

·      Mentor Youth

This DC SAE will be supervised by Cody Ayers, Agriculture Instructor, Unaka High, with assistance provided by the following as needed:  Mike Ensor, Unaka High Principal, Dr. Melissa Loveless, CTE Principal, Mark Revis, CTE Director/Supervisor and Pattie Meyer, Executive Director, Drop Collaborative.

The Capstone Supervised Agricultural Experience (SAE) at Unaka High School will offer students that meet the requirements to participate a hands-on learning opportunity outside regular school hours to explore agriculture and natural resources industries.

This program involves developing a personalized learning plan (PLP), setting five SMART goals, and maintaining accurate records under advisor supervision. To earn one course credit, students must complete at least 180 hours of work, demonstrate mastery of Tennessee Department of Education standards, and achieve their SMART goals.

In addition to the students selected for the SAE program, other Unaka High CTE Departments will have the opportunity to participate on the homesite. These students will engage in projects that support the growth and maintenance of the space, as well as initiatives aimed at developing entrepreneurial and small business skills.

Thanks to our generous past sponsors, we already have in place garden beds, composting, gravel and some tools. However, due to the scope of our latest endeavor, during the Summer, Drop Collaborative and Unaka High will be working together to further access our needs and adapt our homesite for this latest endeavor.

Key elements of the Drop Collaborative include community service, mentoring and community outreach.

Over the next several months we will working on developing initiatives to include our local senior population, children, Chamber of Commerce and small businesses, and our police department.

To learn more, or if you have any questions, please reach out to Pattie Meyer, Executive Director, Drop Collaborative >


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