UPDATE / The Eternity Garden 2022

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Due to First Utility installing water lines/easements throughout Stoney Creek (our new home site location) during 2021, The Drop Collaborative's New Garden/Educational Center will not be able to complete construction for our planned Phase 1 completion for a Spring 2021 deadline.

Our Modified Program for 2021 & 2022:

Grand opening Spring 2022. Previously, The Enchanted Garden*, we are now The Eternity Garden (EG). The Drop Collaborative, partnering with KidsLikeUs as a volunteer creative consultant physical design and development of the new The Eternity Garden (EG) at our home site, 500 Dry Hollow Road, Elizabethton TN. The EG is ergonomically designed for Special Needs and Senior Citizens - our primary population and host for classes, workshops, events and respite care. We donate harvest back to the community.

Our 2021 Program:

For our entire 2021 Season, we will be continuing our “Paint The Pathway” project. All information can be found on our website for both on-site and off-site groups. Lisa Renee Lyons is Project Lead at info@dropcollaborative.com

Our 2022 Program:

Workforce Development 2022 Pilot Program for High Functioning Special Needs Young Adults

What we are looking for 2022:

  • Seeking Educators and/or Graduate Students interested in being part of this R&D pilot program.

  • Special Needs Young Adults interested in applying for this free program.

FYI 🌻Gardening for Special Needs / Early Learning in 2021

KidsLikeUs Enchanted Garden* will be opening in April 2021 in their new Bristol location (with different curriculum and not affiliated with the DC’s 'The Eternity Garden'). Contact kidslikeuscommunity@gmail.com for more information.

We will continue to provide information and resources and invite you to join our forum!

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A big thank you to Lowes and Superior Mulch, LLC of Blountville for their sponsorship of our COVID19 Response that provides free instructional videos from experts on raised-bed gardening.

▶︎ Watch it here - 'Starting to Thriving - Creating Your Own Raised-Bed Garden'

You can sign up for updates on our home page - www.dropcollaborative.com

Be well and be safe NE TN! We venture on...

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