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Planting Seeds of Change

A Drop Collaborative (DC) Initiative Developed by Dr. Melissa Loveless with Recovery Soldiers Ministries.

With our new Summer Program, Planting Seeds of Change, currently underway, we asked Ben Cole, Program Director for Recovery Soldiers Ministries, the following:

"How has the DC curriculum you are following for this summer program and the DC's overall mission affected you and the men you advise and teach this summer?"

Ben replies: "The DC's Planting Seeds of Change this summer is a great experience for not only myself but for the RSM men. Every day that we come to tend to the farm is a day of growth for us all. As we watch the vegetables grow we think of our own spiritual lives. We must water, weed and tend to our own spiritual lives in order to produce much fruit. The animals are also a great blessing to us, this teaches the men responsibility and grew their hearts to take care of them! The DCP program has had a great impact on RSM and we are so very thankful for the opportunity to be a part of it this year!"

We at DC are so grateful for our collaboration with RSM and the entire Carter County community!

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