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Shepard's Inn Domestic Violence Shelter's 'Thank You'

The Drop Collaborative received this wonderful letter of thank you from for our Food Donation to 'The Shepherd's Inn' - The communities only Safe House & Emergency Shelter for Women & Children from Domestic Violence & Homelessness

"The project began with the school’s Supervised Agricultural Experience program, the Drop Farm Collaborative.

“It requires them to put in so many hours working on the farm,” said UHS agriculture teacher John Hardin. “They learn about tractor maintenance and tractor safety, they put up fence, they raise livestock and farm produce.”

Funding to help purchase the livestock and plants for the garden came through a grant, and Hardin said one of the requirements of the grant, as well as the mission of the Drop Collaborative, is that anything raised on the farm for food will be donated back to the community." - Elizabethton Star Newspaper

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